Library e-resources FAQs

Go to IMU library portal and click on desired resources available “e-books, e-journals or online databases”. You may also use search engine provided to search within our collection.

Please go to "e-Books”, “e-Journals”, and "Online Databases" tabs to view all the electronic resources available in the library.

Kindly login using your IMU PC username and password to access our e-resources. Please don’t add on your username.

There are two ways to retrieve eBook within library collection:

  • By clicking eBooks icon at We have a total of 27 subscribed e-books databases from various publishers for you to access. Click on any preferred database such as ClinicalKey and kindly login using your IMU PC login username and password
  • Another way to retrieve an eBook is using Ebsco Discovery Service (EDS) - EDS tutorial is available from the Library
    • Using the “Search engine” tab and select search e-resources (EDS)” . For first time access, a message will appear “Your connection is not private”. Kindly click ‘advanced’ button bottom left of the page. Then, click ‘Proceed to (unsafe)’.
    • Next select “IMU Digital Collection” tab and fill up the search bar with “title/ISBN” and press search. Browse through the search result and select the book you desire.

*Ebsco Discovery Service (EDS) is not limited to searching e-books only. It also searches e- Journals, Databases and library print books title as well.

Articles from subscribed journals can be retrieved by 3 methods:

  • Go to “e-Journal” tab and select the desired journal/ databases and browse through our collection.
  • Go to “Online Database” tab, select the subscribed database and proceed the searching process within the databases.
  • Use the search engine function provided. Move the cursor to “Search Engine” tab and select “A-Z Search”. You may proceed the searching by “Title of the article”, “title of the journal”, “Subject” or “ISBN/ISSN”. Alternatively, you can select the listed e-journal titles categorised by its discipline at the bottom of the page.

Yes, we do have online video tutorial and guidelines here List of Tutorial

You can reset your login password here : Reset Password For Students and Reset Password For Staffs or you can email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further instructions.

ProQuest eBook Central has a large collection of e-books for students and faculty members which allows you to download a book, chapter, page range, or single page as a PDF. Click on Chapter download on the left side or on the reader tool bar located at the top of the page. Select your chapter from the Chapter Select menu and save or Print the PDF file.

Yes, we are glad to inform that you can access our digital collections using Shibboleth credentials, a web-based Single Sign-On login as an alternative to access via our IMU Library Portal (

  • Google the name of the Database or journal and click login.
  • Once you are at the database webpage, click Login on the top right hand of your device.
  • There is an instruction to Log in via your institution. Click other institution login. You will be prompted with an instruction to Log in via your institution and type International Medical University in the box provided.
  • Type your IMU PC login name in the Username box and your PC login password in the Password Box.
  • Hit the Login button.
  • You may see on your top right-hand corner: Logged in Via International Medical University.

No, we do not expect our students or faculty members to purchase articles that we do not own. While our database subscriptions do not provide full text to all journals or issues of journals, we are able to get copies for current students, faculty, and staff through our library networks. You can submit a request HERE, and it will be emailed to you in PDF format.

Course Reserves is one of the library services which support course materials for teaching and learning. This database contains list of references based on modules taught at IMU. As of to date, there are 426 modules listed in Course Reserves from various programmes. The list of references in the Course Reserves is the updated list of References in the Module Guide published in the e- learning Portal. This is an ongoing library project and the modules are added from time to time, similarly goes to the References List.

You can access Course Reserves via the IMU Library Portal or through this LINK

Begin on the Course Reserves page from the Library Portal.

  • To search by module name, select the alphabetical list of modules under the Course Reserves heading and click the hyperlink of the selected module, such as Applied Biochemistry, and you will be prompted with Course reserves for Applied Biochemistry page. You shall see list of e-books (if applicable) and alphabetical list of book titles together with its author’s name, item type (whether it is a text book, red spot or open shelf category), its Call Number and its status (whether it is available or on-loan).
  • Alternatively, you can also search via the Course Code Number, Degree name, Term or Semester or the Module Leader’s name. (Instructor) However these metadata are not automatically sorted in alphabetical orders, hence you can use the arrow key to do your own sorting.

Surely you can if is available. Otherwise you may place a reservation if the intended book is on loaned by other users.

If the module you selected has the e-books link, you can click the link provided and it will direct you to the intended title. You may initially need to login using your IMU PC user name and password before you reach the book page. You should not be prompted again to login at the Library Portal Main page when you perform your second search. Sometimes users cannot go directly to the intended page due to the JavaScript issue of the link. Hence, users are advised to copy the URL and paste into the URL Browser box.

  • Go to the library OPAC page at
  • Search any book you wish to reserve and click Place hold on the right side of the page.
  • Select your Pick up location.
  • Click Confirm hold.
  • A notification email will be sent to confirm your book reservation. You will be given 1 week to pick up your book once email notification is sent.

*Kindly take note that your reservation will be cancelled if you fail to pick up your book within 1 week after notification email has been received.

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