National Accreditation Act 1996 (Act 556)

An Act to establish the National Accreditation Board and to provide for its functions and power and for matters connected herewith. Among the functions of the Accreditation Board are:

  • to formulate policies on the standard and quality control of:-

(a) courses of study; and
(b) certificates, diplomas and degrees

  • to set, monitor, review and oversee the standard and quality:

(a) courses of study; and
(b) for accreditation of certificates, diplomas and degrees;

  • to determine the level of achievement for the national language and the compulsory subjects specified in the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996 as prerequisites to the award of certificates, diplomas and degrees; and
  • to advise and make recommendations to the Minister for his approval of courses of study to be conducted by private higher educational institutions with regard to: - (i)the suitability of arrangements relating to the educational facilities relevant to the courses of study; and the standard and quality assurance of the courses of study.
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